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2018 Audi Q5 Dashboard/page/10 | Audi USA Review

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This circle in brackets symbol is a system that monitors the Audi Hold Assist function. Audi Hold Assist helps to keep the vehicle stationary whilst the engine is running. Example can be whilst stopping on a hill at traffic lights. When the light is on, the system is activated and you do not need to keep your foot on the brake.

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As well as interior design, Audi also does options very well and boy, does the Q5 get plenty. You want ambient lighting with 85 different colours? Tick the box. Audi’s digital ‘Virtual Cockpit’ dashboard dials? Tick the box. A Bang & Olufsen stereo, tablet computers for the rear seats, a head-up display, adjustable suspension or a hands-free foot-operated sensor for the boot? You know what to do. One particularly worthwhile addition is the adaptive air suspension, which soaks up all but the very worst in road imperfections - if you'll be doing long journeys and want the best in comfort and serenity, it's worth the money, and puts Q5 ride quality above that of rivals such as the Jaguar F-Pace.

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When this symbol illuminates it signifies that the brake pads on the vehicle are worn. Worn brake pads reduce effective braking and increase braking distances. Seek assistance from a qualified workshop to change brake pads.

This system warns you if your vehicle is about to cross lane markings. The lane assist dashboard warning light is illuminated green to signify it is active. The symbol is illuminated amber to signify the system is inactive.

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Typically, the following lights indicate that something is wrong with your Audi Q5. To stay safe on the road, take your Audi to a certified technician who can address the concern related to the specific warning light.

The system monitors the engine oil pressure. If this symbol illuminates, it signifies low engine oil pressure. Switch off the engine as soon as safely possible. Engine oil should be checked and if light remains on, seek assistance from a qualified Audi workshop as soon as possible. See how to check engine oil for further information.

Of course, if you want to mitigate (if not totally eliminate) some of the freak outs in your life, knowing the cause of certain external stimuli can be rather helpful. Scientists can only speculate as to why small amphibious creatures fall from the heavens , but I, my friend, can inform you of why certain lights appear and/or flash on the dashboard of your Audi. This, obviously, demonstrates that I am a much better and smarter person than the 8775 scientists. 8776

Again, these lights indicate that a system in your Audi is not working properly. In order to protect both your car and yourself, have a professional fix the issue as soon as possible.

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