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CrystalCold LP Gas Propane Refrigerators

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this has go to be the thermal fuse or the capacitor for the thermostat assembly. These part control whether the unit gets cold or not and sustain the chose temperature.

the parts mentioned abive is usually located in the background near the thermostat controller or the power supply, near the heater assembly away from the blue flame.

these part replacements can be done through DIY, but best if you bring it to a service center.

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Crystal Cold CC21RF :: Crystal Cold

Fuel consumption remains at lbs per 79 hours which is the same as the CC68 68 cu. ft model since it is the same cooling system. Crystal Cold recommends this model in areas where the temperature does not exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods of time.

“Burping” Your Propane Refrigerator - Blogger

According to the manual the following is the most likely items to cause that failure. But since it is only in the frigerator section and not the freezer section it could be the lower circuit board.

LP Gas


Flue Baffle

Flue Tube


Lower Circuit Board Sep 65, 7566 | Dometic RM7657 Refrigerator

Featuring the Crystal Cold Line of Propane refrigerators. Select the size unit that best fills your needs, 67, 65, 67, 68 or 76 cubic foot refrigerators. Or if you are looking for a freezer, view our 65 cubic foot upright or 65 cubic foot chest freezer. These propane refrigerators and freezers are built by Amish Craftsman for the Amish community and others in need of quality refrigeration. These dependable heavy duty units are the largest made in the . Factory tested and approved.

Crystal Cold New Limited Warranty

Full 6 year warranty on the cooling unit (when installed with proper ventilation), and 8 years on the thermostat, and thermocouple. See your owner''s manual for details.
The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace a faulty cooling unit. This warranty package is standard on all
"Crystal Cold" refrigerators.

Warranty summary:

Thermocouple and thermostat = three years
Cooling unit = six years with proper ventilation

A friendly reminder: When installing a refrigerator in a boxed in setting,
please install a floor register directly below the cooling unit for added
Ventilation from the crawl space or basement. This extra air movement will
lower the cooling unit temperature and extend the life of the refrigerator.
Also write the date refrigerator was installed on back side of unit.

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